Administrative Departments and Services

Administrative Departments and Services

We are beside you and support you in your academic step!

IST is a multifunctional and multidynamic educational institution, recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education.

Through partnerships with prestigious foreign Universities IST offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, flexible supported distance learning programmes in collaboration with prestigious foreign Universities.

IST educates a substantial number of students on both an undergraduate as well as a postgraduate level. Our academic staff consists of Professors and lecturers the majority of whom are PhD holders, with a background in research, recognised professional status in their field of expertise, as well as teaching experience in Universities throughout Greece and abroad. The delivery of the programmes, the academic staff and our students are constantly supported by a dynamic team of administrative and technical staff.

Financial Department

Responsible for all financial matters.


Administrative Department – Registrar’s Office

Responsible for administrative services for students, lecturers and academic departments as well as communication with the collaborating Universities.

Quality Assurance Department

Responsible for assuring quality in accordance with international standards and academic quality standards of International Quality Assurancy Agencies and our collaborating Universities.

Marketing & Communications Department

Responsible for IST’s Marketing and Communications strategy as well as extracurricular activities for students and corporate social responsibility.

External Academic Affairs Department

Responsible for overlooking the academic part of agreements that IST has entered with the collaborating Universities.

International Relations & European Programmes Department

Responsible for the promotion of IST abroad, aiming at recruiting international students. Entering into collaboration with international recruiting agents abroad.

Admissions Department

Responsible for advising the new prospective students for the best choice of their studies and their subsequent professional career. Making certain that students submit the relevant documents required for their registration.

Department of Career Services

Responsible for IST’s students and alumni networking, forward CVs to potential employers, provide advice on interviews and CV writing. Responsible also for on the job training and all the activities related to J.O.P. (Job Opportunities Programme).