Dear Parents,

Welcome to IST, a business facing, higher education institution, focused on linking education with the labour market and ensuring that its students will acquire the necessary knowledge and cultivate the skills essential for a successful career.

At IST we recognize that your role as parents is vital for your children’s personal and professional development and it is thus, of great importance to us, that we work collaboratively with parents and students to ensure a welcoming, attractive, learning environment that will assist and support students during this important period of their lives.

Our goal at IST is to provide students, but also parents, with the opportunity to engage and participate in a plethora of activities that take place throughout the academic year, such as the Annual Career Day, seminars, workshops, conferences, the entrepreneurship & innovation contest “Crazy Business Ideas” which aim at best serving the needs and interests of students, as well as enhancing their employability.

As parents, you too have the opportunity to attend or play an active role in the activities organised throughout the year. You may for example be particularly interested in a specific seminar or conference. We will be more than happy for you to attend. Or, you may yourself be an expert on a subject that is of interest to our students. You are more than welcome to be a guest lecturer in one of our classes or deliver a talk during a conference.

At regular intervals during the academic year, we hold “Parents Day”, a day dedicated to issues of interest for parents, their families and of course, students. We always welcome suggestions on topics that you, as parents, feel will be useful, so feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

At IST, we place emphasis on ensuring that both students and parents have a good sense of the events that take place during the academic year, so even if you cannot make it to some of our events, our website is an excellent resource of everything that goes on during the academic year.

Welcome to IST, a wonderful place for students to learn, grow and fulfill their goals.

We look forward to you joining a dynamic parent and student community.

Daphne Fountoukakou 
Head of Quality Assurance

IST recognises that each student is a unique individual with distinct needs, ambitions and aspirations. To this end, IST respects each student’s status as a young adult, recognising the importance of personal responsibility for decisions and managing one’s actions. Students at IST will be presented with clear expectations and will be expected to fulfill these expectations as they prepare for the next steps in their lives.

At IST, we believe that students must:

Be trusted to manage their own affairs, including decisions related to academics, financial concerns and personal issues.

Be afforded privacy in their personal lives and be held accountable for their behaviour and adherence to IST’s rules and regulations. We have an open door policy, so encourage your students to seek assistance from IST’s academic and administrative staff if a need to do so arises.

Be expected to use all of IST’s available resources to help them acquire knowledge, enhance their skills, develop personally and become highly employable.

At IST, the focus lies on the students. It is our mission that every student flourishes and leaves us as an educated, independent, highly skillful, self-confident adult.

As parents and in partnership with IST, it is important that you encourage your students to make the most out of their university years. Stress the importance of participating in events and activities that aim at enhancing their knowledge and skills. Urge them to exploit the opportunities provided to them. Engage in conversations stating the significance of seeking to interact with respectable, knowledgeable, remarkable people they are likely to meet during their years at IST.

Help us make the next years of your student’s life an unforgettable, life-changing experience!

Let go

We recognize that it is tough when families must detach from their children and trust in their values, judgment and willpower. Remember that, for your child, going to university is an extremely vital developmental step toward full adulthood. The most successful transitions occur when parents recognise that their children are now adults and should be treated as adults. So, let them make their own decisions, solve their own problems and most importantly, let them decide what to study.


Listen and reassure

The first year at university is often a stressful year. Students might feel overwhelmed; they might also have second thoughts about their choice. Listen carefully, try to understand the root of the problem and be supportive. You will know, better than anyone else, if these feelings will dissipate on their own or whether further action should be taken. If you are not certain and the problem persists, suggest they talk to their academic advisor, or a fellow student whose judgment they trust. Remind them that IST has an open door policy and that we are always there to assist.


Encourage them to get actively involved in events and extracurricular activities

University years represent an excellent opportunity to engage in a plethora of events designed to enhance students knowledge and skills and help them develop both personally and professionally. Stress the importance of such events.

Encourage them to learn for the sake of learning

These are the times of intellectual exploration. Encourage them to seek knowledge in an area of interest that is not necessarily related to their programme of study.


Help them learn the difference between disappointment and failure

Many students are used to always having good grades. At some point, they might get what they will choose to label as failure; perhaps a lower grade in a course. Let them know that it might be disappointing to get a lower than expected grade, but this does not account as a failure.