Youth Entrepreneurship

Supporting youth Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is the nucleus of progress and prosperity for the economy and the society and requires fertile soil in order to grow, it needs support and encouragement. But, above all, it needs new knowledge, new ideas, new mentalities, young people and an environment that supports and promotes innovation.

Undoubtedly, education as a source of innovation and knowledge, but also as a reservoir of ideas it is key component   to a country’s development, to the creation of jobs, to the enhancement of competitiveness. It should therefore take the lead by organizing activities to help create a positive environment for the development of entrepreneurship.

At IST, we promote entrepreneurship, encourage innovation, provide incentives and cultivate young people’s skills, aiming at linking education with the labour market and enhancing competitiveness by applying a new, innovative model of studies called “business facing”. This objective is achieved through programmes of study taking into consideration the needs of the labour market. This is further enriched with a number of extracurricular activities for students (Career Day, lectures, presentations, seminars, on sight visits, field trips, the entrepreneurship and innovation contest “Crazy Business Ideas”, etc. ), but also through collaborations with organisations such as the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc. IST has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the competitiveness of Greek businesses and the economy in general, but also to improve the environment for entrepreneurship in Greece.

A typical example of the promotion of innovation and the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset is the Entrepreneurship & Innovation contest “Crazy Business Ideas”, an IST initiative launched in 2011, aiming at providing young Greeks with the opportunity to promote their ideas for a new product or service, but also those who wish to attempt to transform their ideas into a business opportunity. Following Crazy Business Ideas’ great success in 2011, IST continued the contest again in 2012 and 2013, institutionalizing Crazy Business Ideas and demonstrating IST’s faith in the new generation. A generation that has the knowledge, skills and the eagerness to change tomorrow: through new ideas and new ways of thinking.

For the year 2014, the contest was under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, the General Secretariat for Youth, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At IST, we consistently continue to encourage the new generation, to offer incentives, to provide support. That’s why we are proud that many of the winning teams attempted to take a step further and transformed their ideas into business. We are proud to have contributed in an attempt to help the new generation hope for a better tomorrow.