Innovation, Creativity and Project Management

Aims of the seminar:

The management of innovation is a critical element in ensuring successful new products and services are encouraged, survive and flourish. In this module you will discover how to avoid the common pitfalls in managing innovation in both corporate and community situations. Emphasis will be placed on internationalisation, sustainability, external engagement, social innovation and employability within a global context.

The aim of the seminar is to identify the significance of innovation and creativity and debate how they link to wider strategic issues within a firm, while assess the factors that increase the likely success of new products and service, the use of formal development processes and tools, and proven strategies for development and commercialisation.

Target Audience:

All the Teachers and Educators, anyone setting up a new business, or taking a new look at their business. The seminar targets entrepreneurs as well as managers in key company positions who need to acquire the proper skills needed for business planning.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Innovation, Creativity and the Role of Management
  • Key aspects of Innovation Management
  • Innovation as a Core Business Process
  • The Role of Management in Innovative Design
  • Leading the Team
  • Managing Scope
  • Managing Risk
  • Project Scheduling

Language of Tuition: English

Services Offered:

  • Designing and delivery of the training programme (seminar)
  • Highly Qualified Lecturers
  • Notes prepared by the lecturers
  • Stationery (dossier, notepad, pen)
  • Use the IST computer facilities
  • Use the IST library facilities
  • Free access to the internet
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant
  • Coffee Breaks

Where and When (the dates can be changed)

 Athens (Greece): Flexible dates

Training Days


 Working Language



 550€ / participant (350€ course fee + 200 € organizational support) which includes: course tuition over 5 days, materials, monitoring and evaluation during the course, certificates, cultural events , meals etc.


You may register at Please note that places are limited so do not make travel arrangements until confirmation is provided by IST.