Tuition Fees & Scholarships

To enroll and attend a programme at IST, you need to pay annual tuition fees as well as an annual registration fee to the collaborating Universities.

You may contact the International Relations Office so that you may receive information regarding the exact amount of annual tuition fees ( 

Fees are determined in accordance with the decisions of the Academic Board and/or of the relevant state authorities.

The annual tuition fees include, in addition to attendance of courses:

  • participation in examinations
  • supervision of coursework by academic and research staff
  • attendance of courses to improve English language skills (if necessary)
  • access to the library during your studies and after graduation
  • access to the virtual managed learning environment of the collaborating Universities
  • access to the Computer Labs during your studies
  • issue of the corresponding certificates of studies, identification cards and degrees
  • participation in extracurricular activities organized by IST
  • recreation and sports activities
  • meeting students at the airport
  • support from the IST International Relations Office


IST often offers scholarships within the academic year which are usually related to public or private companies that support this kind of activities. These scholarships are usually announced during the year.