Scholarship Results Announcement: Equal Society ‘Study with Scholarship’

Scholarship Results Announcement: Equal Society 'Study with Scholarship'

IST College, supporting for one more year the Equal Society and its award-winning action “Study with a Scholarship”, offered a scholarship for one of the master’s degree programs implemented in Athens for the academic year 2021-22, in collaboration with leading universities of foreign. As in previous years, the interest of the highly-qualified candidates was particularly strong.

The aim of the program “Study with a Scholarship” but also of IST, which has been supporting it all these years, is to offer the opportunity to young people, who are unable to financially respond to their studies for various reasons, to have equal opportunities to access education by studying with a scholarship in highly prestigious academic programs.

For this academic year 2021-2022, the IST College Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that, following the scholarship selection procedures (submission of supporting documents, short list and interview), it has decided to award the scholarship to:


Ms. Alata will enroll in the “Executive MBA postgraduate program offered by IST College in collaboration with IDRAC Business School” in France.

“This is a postgraduate program that offers up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge and is structured in a way that reflects the realistic needs and challenges of both the national and global market. For this reason, it is the right program not only for current business executives, but also for those who wish to acquire the necessary resources that will make them join and excel in their field. We are therefore very happy that this year’s Scholar of the “Study with a Scholarship” Program will join the specific study program, because new paths will be opened for her both personally and professionally offering her the specialization she desires.

IST College’s vision to connect education with the labor market also supports the possibility of equal opportunities in education, especially when it comes to people full of enthusiasm, will and perseverance, who claim their dreams and goals.

So, as this year again the standard of scholarship candidates was particularly high and so was the competition, the Scholarship Committee decided that it will offer a partial scholarship to both shortlisted candidates, which offers 70% tuition fee coverage. These candidates are: IOSIFIDE ALEXIA and LIASKONIS ATHANASIOS. Finally, for all other candidates who claimed the scholarship IST offers a particularly preferential tuition rate with a 40% discount. We hope that in this way we will also offer support to those candidates who came very close to winning the scholarship and help them realize their dream.

“Congratulations to Ms. Alata Argyroula, our new scholarship holder, whom we welcome to the dynamic educational community of IST College. We thank all the candidates who participated in the Equal Society process by choosing IST College, hoping that with the motivation we offer we will have them close to us too” , stated the Managing Director of IST College, Ms. Daphne Fountoukakou.