“Study Abroad” Programmes at IST College

Study in Greece and Become a Graduate of the World!

IST College, in the context of the strategic extroversion plan it has implemented and strengthening its international orientation, emphasizes, among other things, the “Study Abroad” action. This is an action where foreign universities choose IST to bring their students and attend educational programs lasting from one week to three months on pre-selected topics related to the subject of the students’ academic studies. The courses are combined with professional visits, carefully selected to be relevant to the educational content of the courses, lectures by labour market representatives from different sectors of the economy, as well as cultural visits.

The aim of this action is for foreign students to gain knowledge of a subject through an internationalised experience and to be informed about the know-how and perspective with which our country operates and trains. At the same time, the cultural activities incorporated into the educational programme aim to familiarise foreign students with the culture and mentality of Greece.

In the academic year 2023 – 2024 IST College implemented 8 Study Abroad programs and hosted 250 students and 25 professors from the following universities: